What we do


We are your full service solution to take the management of your retail operations off your desk.

Store Operations

We’ll take care of the day-to-day items:

  • Hiring all staff, managers and supervisors
  • Scheduling
  • Payroll
  • Training


Vetted and trained cannabis-industry staff: 

  • Full time/part time/seasonal ambassadors and budtenders
  • We provide extensive training
  • Teams are 100% compliant with government related regulations

Data insight

We collect data at retail locations to:

  • create a customer database 
  • capture email addresses and purchase history
  • determine high/low sales periods

Our retail store expertise improves operational infrastructure and reduces headcount.


What we do


We promote your product and ensure customers have a positive experience with your brand. Let us help you perfect your image and maximize sales!

The perfect mix

Great merchandising uses a balanced mixture of psychology, layout, and tapping into current trends to make sure every visitor knows how great your brand is.

Creating the ideal environment

We know how to design your store and create an enjoyable visit that promotes, engages, and motivates the customer

  • Easy to navigate with logical product placement
  • Point Of Sale promotions
  • Utilize the Halo Effect to promote spend based on branding
  • Negotiate for the best locations for Point Of Purchase displays in retail environment
  • Upsell and cross-sell additional products

Inventory managements

  • Stay on top of sales
  • Easily maintain stock and overhead

Every visit is an opportunity to gain a loyal customer.


What we do


We drive business results by designing branded experiences that are meaningful and memorable.


  • We’ll find the ideal place, send the clearest message, and connect with your ideal audience
  • We create modern set designs that engage your audience and utilize current tech

We make it memorable

It’s all about creating a deep emotional connection and promoting your brand promise


“Data is the new oil”. We capture it all — crowd count, conversion rates, peak times, length of interaction — to help determine ROI

Every interaction can create a new customer


What we do


Our training produces experts in the highly regulated cannabis environment. We create knowledgeable ambassadors that are an extension of your brand and 100% compliant with all regulations.


  • Our CanniSquad Training Portal covers basic program and product knowledge
  • Our In-class and online training covers company policy and expectations, government regulations, in-depth product knowledge
  • We consistently test with a pass grade of 80%
  • We create training modules and games to reinforce and test material
  • Managers perform regular in-field training, coaching, and upskilling

Bespoke training modules and games

We design mobile-based learning platforms that integrate with our education curriculum. This platform has super high engagement, great for tracking usage, and promotes long-term retention

Agents train customers

CanniSquad places its Agents in retail stores that carry your product at key sales periods. Through education, the Agents increase awareness and promote conversions


What we do


Data helps fuel our business and improve processes. We use data to understand customer behaviour, inform in decision making, and proactively evolve based on what we learn.


  • Reports can be generated daily, weekly, monthly… whenever
  • Data can be segmented by region, product, retailer… anyway
  • We track and monitor:
    • sales and interactions
    • budget
    • Agent check-in/check-out
    • survey and feedback results
    • training compliance and completion
    • peak/off-peak activity
    • 3rd party data

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Through a collaborative goal setting process, we’ll define what success looks like
  • Measure and analyze to gain insight:
    • Program performance metrics
    • Industry data
    • Competitive intelligence
    • Feedback from the field


“Data is the new oil”. We capture it all — crowd count, conversion rates, peak times, length of interaction — to help determine ROI

Don’t guess if your campaign was a success… prove it!


What we do


Our proprietary field sales technology captures all of the relevant information that helps drive better performance. We monitor and analyzes in real-time to drive continuous sales performance.

Real-time tracking and learning

  • We track all our Agents real-time in every time zone
  • Focused tracking, scheduling, and timekeeping done online and instantly
  • Ongoing training through Micro Learning
  • Agents are monitored through three layers of management to ensure quality and consistency of delivery
  • Each team has a Field Manager responsible for retention and performance management

Digital Ear

  • CanniSquad’s Digital Ear works almost identically to the recording of conversations in call centers – it records the conversations between Agents and the consumers they engage
  • With the consent of the customer, the app uses the tablet’s microphone to act as an earpiece between you and agents in-field by recording audio of each interaction
  • Perform remote Mystery Shops at any time, as well as remote coaching in real-time
  • Resolve customer disputes with accurate details


  • CanniSquad’s TrakStarr application uses customers’ cell phone signals to silently tracks customer traffic, amount of time spent, by date and time, and transforms it into valuable insights to streamline operations and drive sales

Ensure compliance. Improve consumer experience, and enhance performance.